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  • Scirocco - Ride the desert wind

    VW Scirocco for sale in Sheffield

    That’s what the Volkswagen Scirocco was named after when it was first introduced in 1974, the marketing blurb including timeless classics such as “a hot new car from Volkswagen. As fast and powerful as the desert wind it’s named after”. One of our team here at Crossroads Garage - where, as we write this blog, we have a trio of the second generation of used Scirocco cars for sale in our Sheffield showroom - suggested they were a bit like the “Bruce Forsyth of automobiles”. 

    We wondered what he meant, until he pointed out that Brucie has had two distinct careers, and has become even more popular and loved the second time round! As has the Scirocco. Originally produced between 1974 and 1992, our third generation models are from the relaunch that was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008.

    Incidentally, here at our family-run business, with over thirty years of motor trade experience, one or two eyes misted over for a moment as memories of past Sciroccos (or should that be Sciroccae) came to mind. Of course, cars change, but one thing that doesn’t is our commitment to the highest standards of customer service, which has resulted in six consecutive Trading Standards awards. 

    Back to our hat-trick of superb used Volkswagen Scirocco car choices. They range from April 2010 to March 2013 registrations, and are coloured Candy White, Salsa Red and Deep Metallic Black – and are all two litre diesel models. You can find out much more, and compare the three, by clicking here: 

    We should warn you that, like the wind, they might not hang around for long, and after they do go all that will be left is that certain sad calmness! Incidentally, we also offer terrific finance choices to help you with your purchase. 

    Of course, should you prefer simply to call in and see these terrific Volkswagen cars at our Kiveton Park showroom here in Sheffield it truly will be: “Nice to see you, to see you nice”!