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  • What do you expect from a visit to the doctor?

    Car engine being serviced

    Maybe your doctor offers you a diagnosis about a knee problem you’re suffering, but then doesn’t provide any of the treatment necessary to allow you to walk out of the surgery and get on with your life. This is one comparison we could offer to a question we are frequently asked here at Crossroads Garage. It’s this: “Why on earth does my car need both an MOT and a regular service?” The MOT is a legal requirement to check annually on the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle, whereas a service actually keeps it running. Simply put, the MOT is the equivalent to the knee check-up, the service is the ongoing treatment to keep you fully and effectively mobile! 

    Part of any service for your vehicle would include the air filter. A clogged one of these will quickly increase your fuel consumption, reducing your effective mobility – doubly-annoying when the pump prices are actually reducing. This simple action is one that is regularly highlighted by wise sources such as the Insurance Hotline. 

    Here at Crossroads, when we have the real pleasure of working with vintage or prestige cars, another key maintenance point is often clear. If such a car has lain dormant for a period, then servicing the battery and wiring is vital as both can be major performance issues with these magnificent vehicles.

    If you are ready to book that MOT or service then our professional and friendly team here at Crossroads Garage, awarded the 2013 Trading Standards Retailer of the Year accolade for customer satisfaction, is ready to help. You’ll find us just a couple of minutes from Junctions 30 or 31 of the M1 in Kiveton Park near Sheffield. To book your car in for its MOT, servicing or vehicle repairs, or with any questions, simply call 01909773449 now. Alternatively, you can send us an email here and we’ll quickly be in touch. We are also pleased to talk to you about the comprehensive parts and labour warranties we can offer. 

    We look forward to seeing you soon and caring for your vehicle – but we promise never to say that “the car doctor will see you now”!