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  • BMW: Affordable prestige

    BMW 5 series
    When you speak of the BMW brand, you are likely to think of high quality but you may also assume it’s an expensive car to own. It seems prestige does not come cheap, at least on the surface of things. However, did you know that a BMW is one of the most economical vehicles to tax and therefore, surprisingly good value for your pocket?
    A little bit of history
    BMW or Bavarian Motor Works started in Germany in 1916. They originally made aircraft but by 1928 they’d branched out into the design and manufacturing of vehicles. Since then, they have been creating stunningly engineered cars that carry a strong reputation worldwide and that have become in their own words; ‘the ultimate driving machine’. 
    What makes BMW better than its rivals? 
    Aside from being visually appealing, which is important for those who like their prestige cars, the BMW is put together with superior workmanship. From the inside out, it’s built to last a lifetime and as well as possessing an exceptional safety record, it delivers more than the average car on the road today. In fact, ask anyone who drives a BMW and they will tell you that the feeling of safety and quality in the engineering is there the moment you get in to one. 
    Perhaps the biggest surprise for many is that a new or used BMW is actually very affordable and once you’ve purchased your dream car, it’s very economical to run. With low emissions and fuel economy, you'll pay less road tax, placing the BMW most definitely at the top of the prestige car market. Moreover, with a variety of BMW finance options on offer, getting your dream BMW is a lot easier than you'd think. 
    Inspired? Please take a look at our current stock or visit us in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and see this iconic car in the flesh.